We believe that there is nothing more impactful than a Strategic Brand: it acts as a compass to the entire organisation, empowers the enterprise to outperform competitors and creates extraordinary sustainable long-term value.

We observe that despite its transformational power, the Brand is rarely at the very core of an organisation’s strategy.  Very few brands reach their full potential, ‘own’ their brand space, maintain their purpose for decades, create an unparalleled stakeholder preference and are at the heart of the enterprise business model.

We see very few companies like BMW able to state: “A Strategic Brand drives the company rather than anything else”; or like O2 “We are not a business that runs a brand, we are a brand that runs a business”. Simply said, very few organisations have their brand as a way of being.


The purpose of ‘THE Enduring Strategic Brand’ is to advocate for building your Enduring Strategic Brand into the ultimate weapon of success for your enterprise and your own.

It is to support your strategic journey from being a brand to becoming an Enduring Strategic Brand – providing a 13+1 brand imperative system to achieve this shift in the times of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It is to reconciliate and integrate Brand and Strategy.


In times when disruption is the new normal – and business leaders are faced with spiraling challenges and complexity to grow and sustain their brands in the brave, new world, we:

  • Inform, through books and articles, talking events, meetings, ‘THE Strategic Brand’ site and other communication means
  • Research, through extensive collaboration with branded companies and leading universities
  • Advise organisations leadership on their brand strategic transformation
  • Help deliver or strengthen extraordinary Strategic Brands

Our activities emanate entirely from the frontline – they are considered and practiced by C-suite practitioners and shared with their peers, board members, CEOs, and CMOs who pursue value creation, day in, day out.


  • A group of former senior executives, either ex. CEOs or CMOs around Luc Bardin
  • A network of Enterprise Executives with keen interest in brands and strategy