Leadership development is a rich and popular area of THE Strategic Brand practice and relies on three pillars of expertise: 

  • An expert approach to profiling key roles – the CEO, the CMO and a few others – to ideally fit to the development and full leverage of a Strategic Brand. For example, which type of ‘Chief Value Officer’ should the CMO be in his/her specific organization?
  • An expert approach to developing a Senior Executive’s own brand
  • A deep real world practice and experience of senior roles, both from our own expertise and working with global leading headhunters – this includes a coaching practice.


Here, we notably:

  • Help CEOs develop the ideal profile of their CMO
  • Help CEOs and CMOs to define and choreograph their respective and complementary roles in developing and living the Strategic Brand
  • Assess Senior Executive’s brand and develop a simple clear plan on how to leverage the alignment areas between their brand and self and reduce the gaps
  • Help CMOs develop a strategy for their own role, to get at the center of the Enterprise strategy, value creation and leadership
  • Mentor Senior Executives on their own brand transformation to ultimately lead being more comfortable in their skin

Please reach out if you would like to consider and discuss your own brand transformation or strengthening.