Learning from concrete examples of best practice, THE Strategic Brand identifies 13+1 dimensions, which are considered vital to being a Strategic Brand. We call these ‘THE Enduring Strategic Brand Imperatives’. All 13+1 elements are needed to create a Strategic Brand.

A first cluster of imperatives – such as culture born or radically authentic – are about the raison d’être, the identity and character of a Strategic Brand [WHY & WHO the brand is]

A second cluster relates to the modus operandi of Strategic Brands, such as the role of people or partnerships [HOW the Brand operates]

Finally, a third cluster relates to the impact of the Strategic Brand, such as creating value or being trusted [the WHAT/ Performance of the Brand].

We assemble these 13+1 Imperatives and use them as the pillars a Strategic Brand in what we call ‘THE Enduring Strategic Brand’ System.

The 13+1 Enduring Strategic Brand Imperatives are a nod to the traditional marketing funnel: the logical steps of these two systems are similar: you start with building and understanding who you are; you then take stock and determine how you operate and finally achieve your performance.


Building on further experience, we added to the magical formulae a 14th imperative : JOY

The 13+1 Enduring Strategic Brand Imperatives are:



You can use this System to assess your organisation or ask yourself and your team a few deep questions – Go to ‘Assess Your Brand’ area on this site, where we make the self-assessment tool freely available.

We have assessed 10’s of brands with the System and for example, the brand represented below is Apple.



These 10’s brand assessments build a strong benchmark capability.  Please reach out to our team if you would want to test and contrast your brand as well as derive transformational value added opportunities.