Please use the ‘13+1 Brand Imperative’ system framework to self-assess your ‘Organisation’ brand. In the last couple of weeks, over 100 leaders and 20 renowned brands have done so.

We deeply hope it will contribute to your brand, your strategy and how you engage others on both. It is not yet another or the latest framework, which we all get too many of. It has to rise or fall on the usefulness of its application to point to the absolute brand priority(ies), what to focus on first while our brave new world pushes us to ‘tweak every handle’.

We are delighted to offer free access to the interactive diagnostic tool for you to assess your ‘Organisation’ brand. It takes from 5 minutes to as much as you decide, provides a report…and we will not follow up except if you explicitly request so.


Assess your ‘Organisation’ brand tool



Is your 'Organisation' brand like 1,2,3 or other?

Brand 1

Brand 1 is a Strategic Brand - Its ‘purpose’, ‘culture’, ‘promise’, ‘connectedness’ and ‘discipline’ result into strong value. This brand needs to work to its ‘future’, in association with others - ‘partnering’.

Brand 2

Brand 2 is not a Strategic Brand and requires deep transformation.

Brand 3

Brand 3 is a strong brand grounded in a deep essence - ‘purpose’, ‘culture’- and delivering high performance – ‘value’ -from exceptional connectedness and customer focus /’centricity’. Its not yet an Enduring Strategic Brand and has extreme vulnerability.