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Assess Your Brand Customer Centricity - The Strategic Brand


The Strategic Brand has researched and developed a practice for each of the 13+1 Strategic Brand Imperatives from real world learning.

Each of the 13+1 Imperatives goes with its dedicated framework, diagnosis tools and development planning approach. Here is the example of ‘Customer Centricity’ and please let us know if you are interested in other Imperatives in an equivalent form.


A vital Strategic Brand Imperative is ‘Customer Centricity’

We approach Customer Centricity as a ‘cycle’ system as shown on the Illustration. Experience suggests how important it is to operate this cycle in sequence, building strong foundations ahead of operationalization.

A value added contribution to you from ‘THE Enduring Strategic Brand ’ is to leverage and get guidance from our Imperative systems and learn from the best practices revealed in our book or in the “Brand Cases” or “News” areas of this site.


Self-assess your organisation

Please self-assess your organisation’s brand Customer Centricity using the ten tenets of Customer Centricity below. We are delighted to offer free access to the assessment tool for you to measure your brand.


Assess your Brand Customer Centricity



Example for ‘Customer Centricity’ – Amazon Brand

What about getting as strongly ‘Customer Centric’ as Amazon?